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2/Jun.::FF8::Qustis & Seifer Pict.UP!
2/Jun.::X-rated Pics,up.Xu & Seifer's back pages.For my friend's novel.
30/Oct.::FF8::Quistis &Seifer Picture.4UP!
23/Oct.::FF7 & 9::Sephirith and Aeris,Zitane,Garnet
23/Oct.::FF8 others::Quistis alone
22/Oct.::FF8Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
14/Oct.::FF8Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
3/Oct.::FF8Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
16/Sep.::FF8Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
15/Sep.::FF8Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
13/Sep.::FF8 Quistis & Seifer X-rated Pics
30/Aug.::FF8 Oters/Quistis,Seifer,Ultimesia
30/Aug.::FF-X/Pine picture
30/Aug.::FF7&9/FFTA--Barumafra picture
12/Aug.:FF8/Quistis & Seifer picture
9/Aug.:FF8/Quistis & Seifer picture
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